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Teaching Teams

Grades PreK - 2

In our classrooms and in the great outdoors children are provided opportunities to play in environments that address their interests, developmental needs and natural inclinations.  Movement, discovery, problem solving, creative expression and social interaction happen throughout the day while children explore, converse, learn and apply new skills in multi-sensory settings. We are committed to spending a good portion of time outdoors (in Shady Grove, on the pump track and Obstacle Course and in the School Forest). Early literacy, numeracy concepts and social emotional learning is integrated into our play, activities and daily routines.  


Grades 3 - 5

Our third, fourth and fifth grade educators are focused on student social and academic development. Through daily morning meeting and reflection on recess we work to understand concepts of inclusivity and fairness, while also incorporating time to practice communication and leadership skills. Through place-based learning, we build upon previous experiences and root our growth in the local environment, community, and history, before expanding outwards and making sense of the greater world. These practices foster responsible, knowledgeable, and engaged citizens.


Grades 6 - 8


The middle school core academic team is comprised of English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. We are guided by the middle school philosophy where teachers work as a team to foster students’ independence, confidence, and sense of community. This happens through all middle school classes and through advisories and middle school team building experiences. Teachers and students collaborate to build a nurturing, multi-faceted, and rigorous experience for a diverse group of young adolescents. Our program is flexible to put students at the fore: this enables multi-age groupings and project based learning. Some examples of projects have included: Forest Day Stories, Putney Stories Project, Science Fair, History/Culture Fair, Real World Math Projects. 

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