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Putney Town Meeting 2018 PCS

PCS Leadership Council

The PCS Leadership Council meets monthly and all Putney community members are invited to participate -- please join us for a meeting.  For more information and for an up-to-date meeting schedule, check the PCS Leadership Council Facebook page:

Putney Central School Leadership Council Members (2022/2023 School Year)

April Brown (chair)
Ruby McAdoo (clerk)
Tara Castine
Jaime Contois
Carolyn Olivier
Jon Sessions
Lynne Borofsky
Steve Hed
Nancy Gagnon

PCS Leadership Council Mission


The Putney Central School Leadership Council believes that Putney Central School can thrive if the community’s and school’s values are identified and elevated. Even more, we believe that if Putney Central School families and community members feel included in the process of directing the vision and values of our school, we will have a more vibrant school and community. 

PCS Leadership Council Initiatives 

*previous initiatives in action, ongoing, and future possibilities

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